Design and Build

Best practices in Design-Build act as an essential foundation that defines every single fundamental required in design-build for an excellent outcome. Best practices that support creative and effective design-build begin at the procuring decision-making stage. Every best practice is supplemented by various techniques that facilitate perfect execution of the best practices. The basis for effective design-build is a combination of best practices and implementation of these techniques. A good contract and right risk allocation are useful in design-build. All parties involved in Design-Build must understand the expectations, the process, and merge their forces collaboratively. Below are top design-build best practices.

Procuring Design-Build services
The owner must do research and assess the unique characteristics of the project before deciding on the design-build to use.

The owner must implement a plan that facilitates effective results of design-build without forgetting the main reason why that delivery system was agreed upon.

The owner should do a clear evaluation of the project.

He should not focus on the prices and forget the technical concepts required.

Contracting for Design-Build Services

There should be a fair and clear contract that is in line with aspects required in the design-build process.

It should be balanced and open for accountability.

The contract should be well tailored to meet the requirements of the design-build project.

Contract between the Owner and Design-Builder

The owner should be consistent with their evaluation and use effective strategies that are in line with project’s goals and design.

The contract should indicate measurable performance guarantee for the design-builder.

Owner’s role should be stipulated clearly in the contract during the project period.

The contract should give direction on how designers will communicate effectively with the owner.

Project closeout and commissioning should be documented in the contract.

For achievement of project milestones, a defined requirement is needed in the contract.

Contract between Design-Builder and Team Members

A written teaming agreement should be represented to each working mate by the design-builder in the proposal phase.

The design-builder and his team should understand the key commercial features involved during the project period.

A primary role for each team member should be outlined.

There should be a clear channel of communication between team members in the contract.

Executing the Delivery of Design-build project

This involves all team members.

They should be trained and able to tell the differences involved delivery techniques and design-build.

Team workers must include features like logistics and resources to uplift the project outcome.

This means the working team should be actively involved in quality delivery.

During the onset of the project, the team should establish an effective process of communication, timely collaboration, and problem-solving strategy.

The working team should pay attention to design management.

They should also lay down a good strategy focusing on execution of every process.

Lastly, there is need to recognize the differences existing in design-market sectors. Implementation techniques should be more precise to fit the need of each market/project sectors. This will offer more detailed and exact guidelines on how to exercise the best practices. Implementation of techniques into practical work in each design-build sector will be achieved by accessing leading-edge information in the industry.

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